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Junior PQ

Don't miss this golden window to spot, cultivate and coach budding passions. 

Coach K

Passion Quest


Coach K


Princeton NJ


Budding ME Guiding WE

Your child's personal PQ is evolving uniquely

You can take a big part in spotting his or her budding passions.  

The Junior PQ (RMPP-Child) assesses ten needs relevant to academic achievement, mindset, well-being, and character.

The RMP-Child assesses a student's individuality. The results are statistically
valid. Users must interpret which findings are valid by considering all available information with trained professional coaches.
Further, the results of the Reiss Motivation Profile for Children are
non-judgmental and value-free: There isn't a "good" or "bad" profile, or a "right"
or "wrong" profile.

Junior PQ

Kickstart a journey

Budding Passions

spot, analyze, cultivate

Golden window

applicable to children age from 4 to 12 yr old

Statistical Valid

a clear sense of direction

Evolving unique ME

assess individuality

Family Bond

best tool to communicate

10 Junior PQs

indicators for their internal motivations

Back by Science

based on 15 years of motivational science research

Budding Me

Guilding WE

Guilding We

Identify motivational reasons for academic underachievement

Resolve Conflicts

Understand what motivates a student’s conflicts with teachers and peers

Positive Mindset

Implement successful strategies to pro-
mote a positive mindset.

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