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                            Welcome from Coach K


I am thrilled to welcome you to your PQ journey! As your coach, it is my privilege to walk with you through this journey toward building a long and lasting marriage.
Finding your passions is a serious business. Our assessment, method and process are based on proven motivation science from Reiss Motivation Profile.  Backed by 15 years of research in human motivation and passion, our analytical tool, PQTM (Passion Quotient), is based on robust science.
Your PQ is measured and validated against the largest database in the world. You can lean on our industry-leading data intelligence and dashboard report to view your individual or team from any angle in an instant.
Below is your 3-step guide to your couple PQ journey:

1. Finding "ME" 


Your personal PQ is unique...

Value-based happiness is a sense that our lives have meaning and fulfill some larger purpose. It represents a spiritual source of satisfaction, stemming from our unique set of passions.
Our research shows that people live to assert their unique set of passions that define who they are from within. This inner motivation can be measured in sixteen dimensions that result in billions of possible combinations, each of which distinctly represents an individualized passion profile.


PQ profile..

Backed by 15 years of research in human motivation and passion, our analytical tool, PQ (Passion Quotient), is based on robust science. ​

2. Building "WE"


Your couple PQ...

We have put together your couple PQ based on your PQ profile.  It is a clear roadmap for the following

  1. Couple PQ explains why these partners are attracted to each other by showing which psychological needs are being satisfied by the relationship.

  2. Couple PQ explains why the partners tend to have the same quarrels over and over again, showing which psychological needs are frustrated in the relationship.

  3. Couple PQ assesses potential compatibility or problems regarding sex, fidelity, money, raising children, emotional closeness, social life, curiosity, household chores, morals, and abuse.


3. Coaching Prework


More Than Counseling..

You will wrap up this journey with a 1-hour session with your own PQ coach. Our coaches and advisors have one thing that we love to do and do it very well: help you to find your unique set of passions. Our process is
designed and field tested to help you understand each other passions that make each of you unique. Upon this refreshing understanding, you are empowered to start building a long and lasting relationship based on your joint passion profile.


Joining from where you are..

All these can be done at the convenience of your home or office over online video conferencing. In these sessions, couples are in a fun and passionate learning environment searching for their passions.


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