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Own Your Passion: passion statement

Your passion can be your best advocate in life. When one speaks with his or her true passion, genuine communication starts to click, new relationships start to form and team starts to move forward. Without a passion statement in agreement,  I was caught by surprise to hear "my" passion speaking for me with a narrative that I did not agree with!  I wish I could have sit down to take part in writing the “script”.  Here is your opportunity to own your passion by following three simple steps.

"Keep it simple" is probably the best advise I can give you when you write your statement. 

In the SandBox, you can write down your passion statement and submit the final version to your coach for feedback. You can also opt to record your passion statement by clicking "video" button.

My Top 3 PQs


Answering one question: Who am I.  Remember this is a passion statement, not life or career statement.  Your passion deserves an identity in your life alongside of your talents & values. Review top 3 PQ from your Reiss motivation profile.  Find the keywords from the passion word cloud (Click to Go To wordle) of each passion category that best describe your heart.  Your passion#1 deserves more room; so you should use words from PO#1 more frequently than other two. 


CoachK's To BEs:

PQ1 Power: leader         coach          mentoring 

PQ2: Curiosity: visionary            innovative    

PQ3: Family: parenting  


Coach K's opening statement


I am a visionary leader with a heart to mentor and coach young people to find their passion and meaning of life.


My Top 3 Attributes


Imaging you could invite to dinner three people who have influenced you the most – past or present. Write their names in the boxed below. Then record the one quality or attribute you admire most in these people.


Coach K's dinner guests:

Name:                         Quality/Attribute

William Tennet        training young people

King David                 after God’s own heart

Ross Paterson            faithful in what he does                                       and does it for life


Coach K's attribute list:


I strive to incorporate the following attributes into my life:

-Training young people

-After God’s own heart

-Faithful in what he does and does it for life

My To-Dos


Wrap up your passion statement with action items (To Do).  Suggest to use verbs from your top 3 passions to describe what you love to do and do well for life.








Coach K's To DOs:


I love what I do by finding employment where I can start and work with a team to influence and inspire others.
I will find enjoyment in my personal life through enjoying family life and keep learning.

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