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PQTEST Me (Group) is designed for those who want to start their quest for passions in a group setting. Based on Reiss Motivation Profile, this group session provides standardized, comprehensive assessment of a person's needs, interests, motives and life goals. The version is the same as PQ for Corporate Training used in coaching, team building, and leadership training.

Ages: The RMP can be used with people who are 12 or older.
Length: This is 128-item self-report questionnaire.
Administration: You can complete the questionnaire online from any computer that is connected to the Internet. The results are email directly to your life coach as it is strongly recommended to have a follow-up discussion session with trained coaches. Administration time is about 15 minutes. The results are immediate.

Results: You receive a multiple page, plain-language report that discusses how the individual prioritizes and combines the following 16 needs and what this means in terms of personality, behavior, happiness, and possible career choice.
The 16 passions (needs) are:

Norms: The normative database today includes more than 40,000 people from North America, Europe, and Asia
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